Establishing Religious Places

Most Venerable Dr. Shi Kuang Seng established four temples in Thailand, which have become a spiritual shelter for people, regardless of differences in race, religion or gender:

Kuan-Im Bodhisattvas Hall (Chokchai 4) [Kwan Yin (Chokchai 4) Temple] with Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvaras Great Compassion Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas, Ladphrao, Bangkok;

Kuan-Im Bodhisattvas Hall (Chokchai 4) [Kwan Yin (Chokchai 4) Temple], Tambol Pa-dad, Amphuer Muang, Chiang Mai;

Kwan Yin (Chokchai 4) Meditation Center, Amphuer Mae-tha, Lamphun; and

Lord Shivas Vihara (Ram-indra) Bangkok.

Besides founding these four Mahayana temples of which she is the abbot, she also founded a Vipassana Building for Suwannaprasit Temple, which is a Theravada temple, in 1987.